Our Team

Adri & Jacky:

We’re partners on this dream called Truly Twins, because we share a similar priority in our life, giving all our love and support to our little ones. But at the same time, balancing this main role with what makes us so proud of ourselves, being entrepreneurs. We conceived our brand always thinking in the comfort of our kids, but also seeking to meet our motherly expectations as well as yours, and going along with you on this fantastic journey that means being a mom.

Ximena, Derek, Gian Paolo & Patrick:

The four of us agree on the things we really like and dislike about pajamas. Of course, being comfy is our priority, softness is essential and scratchy tags are the worst. So, our moms decided that our role in this company is being the experts PJs testers. 


As part of these #TrulyFamily, I'm always working to give you a great customer experience. I’m here to listen to your feedback and suggestions, but also to help you have a pleasant journey using our products.

Alejandra y Alfonso: